At Four Footers, we treat your pets like family. We put your pet’s health and happiness first.

Social, energetic dogs are our specialty!

Socialization is paramount to a healthy dog.  We use the pack method in our facility. When possible, our dogs are free to play and socialize in common areas.

Put simply, we board your dogs the way we would want ours boarded.

Your dog is family, they deserve to be treated that way when you are away, not in a kennel or a run, but in a home.

We have a huge yard for the dogs to run and play.  Agility equipment to work the brain.  A long country road for walks.  And if desired, a river to go swimming in during the summer months.

We do have separate and safe areas for your pet that is not quite ready to be a part of the pack.
Four Footers requires that all pets coming in for boarding must be up-to-date on all vaccinations. This is for the safety of your pet as well as the other pets we have in our home.

What to bring:

  • Any medication your pet will need to be marked with his/her name and directions.
  • Special diets or canned food.
  • We cannot be responsible for lost or damaged personal items.


Four Footers accepts Cash, check, and PayPal.











Reserve your spot today!

For more information, take a tour, or to make a reservation, contact Marie today.

Overnight boarding 

$35.00 per dog per day. 

A dog with special medical needs, (example: help with walking) $40.00

Pick up and delivery $20.00 minimum, each way (boarding only).

An additional cost of .55 per mile after 30 miles (each way).


Doggie Day Camp (9am-6pm)

$15.00 per dog per day